Parliament Watch in the Maldives

The Parliament Watch Maldives program is a variation of the Parliament Watch project which began with the support of the British High Commission. The Parliament Watch Maldives is supported by the United Nations Democracy Fund.

This project aims to engage the public in holding the parliament accountable through a process of increasing public awareness on the roles, responsibilities and the boundaries of the parliament and parliamentarians, sharing information about the activities of the parliament with the public, creating a platform for physical and online interaction between the public and the parliamentarians. The project also includes an assessment of the performance of parliamentarians through a study compiling quantitative data as well as the perception of constituents for respective parliamentarians. The project will further access legislation tabled at the parliament to ascertain whether they are in line with the international standards on human rights and gender equality. One of the key outputs of the project is the MDN Human Rights and Gender Barometer for Legislative Projects which is used to assess bills, amendments to legislation and laws.