Call for Proposals – Coding for Beginners

We are pleased to call for interested individuals, groups and organisations to train beginners in coding. The purpose of the grant is to train girls, home-based workers and working professionals in the area of coding. These small grants are awarded and managed by the Maldivian Democracy Network as part of a grant by the American Center in Maldives.


Objectives of the grant

The primary objective of this grant is to increase girls and home-based women with the basic knowledge and skills in computer coding, graphic designing and web designing. The grant aims to impart participants with the basic technical knowledge of computer programming concepts and logic, designing webpages and the utilisation of online resources to deploy and manage software and applications developed locally.


This invitation is open for proposals of up to US$4,000 outlining a program to develop a course outline and train 60 individuals by the close of August 2018.


Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN):

MDN is a non-partisan NGO which aims to promote human rights and the values of and principles of democracy in the Maldives. We undertake a wide range of activities including awareness raising, monitoring, reporting, lobbying, capacity building and advocacy.



Please send us your completed project proposal forms and budget templates (download files from the link below), profiles and CV of key personnel who will deliver the project. Emails must read “Sub-grant Coding for Beginners” on the subject line and physical applications must accompany a covering letter titled the same. The application deadline is CoB 17 February 2018.

Email to:

Physical applications may be sent to:

Maldivian Democracy Network

5-A. H. Hulhugali

Karankaa Magu,



Please call +960 3343609 or drop us an email for more information and clarifications.


Project Proposal form can be downloaded from here.
Project Budget template can be downloaded from here.